Bankers Art Museum

Sky Jones Chronology

2002: January to December - President of Banker Art Museum. 18 years. Sculpted 70 one of a kind frames for best of next 250 paintings. Established 7,000 sq. ft. BAM (Banker Art Museum)on Broadway, OKC. 1,000 gallons full spectrum full tonal range. Commendations from Governor Frank Keating and Mayor Kirk Humphreys for charitable and social work done. 39 large paintings displayed at Historic Automobile Alley OKC. 30- 4'x6' pieces done on the newly invented Spreader Thinner. Ultra 3D spacial effect full range. tonal studies.

2001: March to December - OKC, Constructed 2 thinner and spreader machines. One spins paintings as large as 16 feet long. Machine is 24 feet long. Collected materials for new one-of-a-kind frame series and sculpted 30. January to March in Salt Lake City, Utah. Sculpted 6 prototype frames and painted 85 experimental 18"x24" paintings. Finished 6- 32"x48" paintings using the results of past experiments. Built first spreader and thinner machine to experiment with. Experimenting with 3D precut stencils to create 3D visual effects. Then in OKC in March-April painted 6 portraits and sculpted a two piece turtle in wax/ bronze.

2000: December - Performed at Bert's Tiki Lounge in Salt Lake. Sky Jones singing on guitar. Recorded and filmed. October-December writing on The Owner's Handbook to the Human Mind for Artists. Interviewed by the Wall Street Journal Senior Front Page Reporter at Norman's in Santa Monica, California. Second interview in two months. January - Feb SLC painting. March-September OKC working with retarded and disabled. Two extensive projects: Book making and construction of shakers. Experimented with new forms and materials for both projects. Workers were paid by completions at stages. September-Alexandria, Louisiana art show at Bob Grove's Gallery and interview #1 with Wall Street Journal. Sebring, Florida art show at Don Card's Gallery.

1999: The year of the "thumbnail" research OKC, SLC, Glendale, Cuyama, CA. This included research and experimentation with gold-tipped deckled edges on several types of paper with hand embossed central area. Big break through was the great invention of shields to draw through for speed. Numerous certification and packing solutions for T/N's were experimented with and designed. Finally wooden slide top boxes were designed and constructed. There were 500 painted and varnished with inventive slide knobs.

Thumbnail research naturally led into construction of small, one-of-a-kind hand made books. Experimented with end papers, covers and assembly techniques .Retarded and handicapped people hired for assembly of the various book making materials. Once research on what handicapped could do was completed used crew for construction of Ceremonial Shakers which turned into a 16 step process. 700 were made and 100 were finished. T/N.s, Boxes, Books and Shakers were all non-commercial experiments. Two sets of limited edition prints published. Emphasis on extreme economy.

October 7,1997 to October 1998 - Economic study at 821 So. Robinson, OKC. Live on $25.00 a week with no running water or electricity to prove point. Produce 24- 4'x6' paintings with large sculpted ornamental frames for 18 of them. Frames are 6'x8' and some are as much as 18" deep Baroque .Amount of money used was the same as what an average Mexican in Mexico lives on: $4.50 a day. The purpose was to disprove the age-old misconception that to make money or even be productive you must have money. The production filled semi trailer appraised at $4M. Three limited edition prints published including Angel of Peace. Published 50 Year Retrospective. Concept of minimum energy maximum effect/output.

May to November 1997 - 500 gallons Continuous evolution of the trough structures and applications. Lake Worth, Burleson, Texas. Stretch 41- 4'x6' canvases and painted 41 new pieces based on research and prior experimentation with paint. No water, no electricity.

September 1996 to May 1997 - White Settlement, Fort Worth. Write Autobiography Trance and work on several tight brushwork paintings.

1993-1996: One mile of 51" card stock experimented on San Marcos, CA with 1,000 gallons of paint layered on using a wide variety of methods. Best methods discovered are then used to produce 8,000 20"x30" paintings using a crew of 26 to 30 Mexicans in San Diego. 3,500 gallons of full spectrum full tonal range color. Extensive layering on of paint. Some pieces have 8 or 9 layers built up. Wooden boxes were constructed and all paintings are shipped to S.L.C., Utah personally varnish and sign all work and complete the varnished wooden boxes with handles like brief cases. They are then shipped to Haltom City, Texas where they are certified, named, photographed, bagged and boxed. Spring 1994 Third Edition Hard bound gold tipped full color book published The Treasure. 3rd Edition of 10,000.

March 1995: $10 MM Record breaking show at Milan Gallery in Fort Worth. 90% of show sells. Decor Magazine September 1995 in interview Milan announces results of record breaking art show in Fort Worth $9MM sold.

March 1996: Walter Kingsley of The Securities and Exchange Commission announces that Sky Jones is the most collected artist of all time by U.S. corporations! This broke all known world records.

By 1997 over 225 corporations booking over $500MM in Sky Jones one-of-a-kind- original paintings. Wrote and released CD of songs to celebrate entitled Star Walker.

1992-1993: Wallsberg and Coalville, Utah. Construct 130 one-of -a-kind Ceramic platters. Painterly. Salt Lake City: Build wooden boxes for platters,Black and Red. Sculpted 750- 3'x2'x12" double figure wooden pieces as recycling statement. Constructed large wooden boxes for pieces. Provo, Utah, painted and boxed all 750. Las Vegas, Nevada and finished packaging. Then San Marcos, CA. experimenting with another 1,000 gallons of paint on another mile of poster board and to build boxes for new paintings to be painted in San Diego.

Practicing with local musicians then Oceanside more music improvisation then San Diego for more music and 8,000 paintings.(1,000 are discarded). Artists Bible revised. Limited edition 50.

September 1991 to August 1992: Hire crew in Orem, Utah to continue experimentation with 3,500 gallons of paint and a roll of 5,888' of Bristol Board. Produce 7 large pallets of paintings and ship them to Thailand in February 1992 where they are worked on for 6 months with daily help of 37 Thai's. Produce 9 pieces to cast in bronze. Returned to U.S.A. to work on Ceramics and Sculpture in August 1992.

October 31,1987 to Spring 1991: Serious research on use of quantity paint begins in Tulsa, Oklahoma 500 gallons. Learn to do photo realism with marbling techniques. Group art show in Pasadena CA.

1989-1990: South Central Los Angeles paint experiments continue with 2,000 gallons of paint. Summer 1990 experiments continue with 300 gallons of paint in Venice, CA. Run 1 mile of experimentation. 1st edition of The Treasure published.200 Then Fall 1990 Salt lake City, UT, build wet stamp paint machine and paint 2 mile of experimentation and 65 completed 4x8 pieces that are then sold. Second edition of The Treasure 5,000.

1986-1987: Easel Painting in OKC, then Jamaica two months, then OKC then 15 piece Art Show at Alice's Restaurant in SLC Then Hawaii two months then Los Angeles art show at Christene's Gallery in Los Angeles then to OKC painting. Working on The Treasure book.

1983-1985: Movie posters Never Ending Story and TV Guide illustrations in North Hollywood Studio. Tornado hits South Central L.A. studio. Completed Artist's Bible in 1984 La Cienega L.A. studio. Three Barter News cover stories. Changed name from Michael Whipple to Sky Jones. Spirits completed 1985. Commendation #1 from Mayor Tom Bradley. 1984 Valentines Day art show at ARCO Plaza downtown L.A. 18,000 signed 6 color posters given out. Huge success.12- 9'x5's and -2-9'x13' paintings displayed. Banker Art Museum established in La Verne, CA. 16 page/cover full color interview in Stepping Out Magazine. Published interviews HiroYamagada, Drew Struzan and Charles Bragg Stepping Out. Limited edition etchings released show at UCLA foreign students center.

1981-1983: Santa Anna, working on The Artist's Bible. Move to Tempe, Cave Creek, Phoenix and Glendale AZ while studying horse anatomy. Dissected mule skeleton from Grand Canyon. Many horse anatomy drawings done. Art show at Don Ferris's Gallery in Scottsdale.

1980-1981: Woodland Hills, CA. Images of Paradise 75 color plate book and portfolio of 50 limited edition prints, 200 page color Collector Investor Book through Beverly Hills Gallery and nationwide. Signatures published.

1978-1980: Glendale CA. Painting movie posters "Meteor," "Star Trek" and magazine covers. Continued periodically until 1984. Start nationwide barter. Mexico City Art Show of large paintings.

1977: Salt Lake City University of Utah take final two classes Life drawing and life painting from favorite professor Alvin Gittins prior to death. This finished 22 quarters at U of U.

1976: Eagle Rock, CA. Painting for Mirzelles's Gallery L.A. studying at Scientology Academy. Newspaper interviews.

1974-1975: Boston MA studios.. Painted Gov. Michael Dukakis and many famous sports players. Deliver study technology to Boston teachers in Applied Scholastics program. Publish Artist Affluent in Universal Language of Beauty. 10,000 edition.

Los Angeles-Scientology, Dianetics Internships C6 OT7

1972-1973: Los Angeles. Art studies and practice. Start 10,000 hours as counselor 7 years. To understand and help people.

1966-1971: University of Utah Fine Art Dept. Assistant to Angelo Caravaglia, head of Sculpture dept.22 quarters. Scholarship, academic and scholastic awards. Bachelors Degree 1971.

1963-1966: West High School. Art editor of school literary magazine West Winds.