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Sky Jones

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On October 3, 2007, Sky Jones celebrated his 60th birthday in reflective solitude in his Bankers Art Museum studio. He had received the following letter:



In January 2006, when Sky Jones arrived in Dallas, he was greeted with a Certificate of Special Recognition from Dallas Mayor Laura Miller acknowledging him:


For many years Sky Jones had been working on painting organic textures composed of full spectrum pearls, metallics and glitters. These elements were layered in as many as 50 coats of varnish causing bedazzled 3D images. He had experimented and mastered these materials throughout his career but 2007 marked a new plateau of ease and fluidity of style and technique. It developed from having such a continuous amount of practice with the materials over a lifetime. He felt he had finally gained a level of expression that had been tempered into steel by the hardships and agonies of getting there. This is a look at a few of his trials and trails in siring bliss.


"Women Attired in Snow Covered Mountains"
2002, acrylic on 8" x 10" cardboard


In 2005-6 he was painting at his Salt Lake City, Utah studio. He was being distracted because he could hear an old woman in pain who was praying at a nearby rest home. He said it went on day after day and no one was answering this prayer call. With every breath she prayed. He hired 3 artists to give full time art lessons and back rubs while visiting local homes for the elderly. He said that this did not make the prayers go away but it affected the intensity for him.


On October 3, 2003 in Oklahoma City, a few blocks from the Oklahoma National Memorial, Sky Jones established the (BAM) Bankers Art Museum Memorial. This was a 9,000 sq. ft. fine art display. The dedication inscription read: "This fine art memorial is dedicated to our loved ones who have passed over yet watch and whisper to us: Forget what you have been told and believe what you see." Sky Jones 2003. This artist communicates to and listens to those that have passed over or are entering.


In 2003 he drew over 15,000 small figure studies with his Drawing Bliss Kit.


In 2002, he established the Bankers Art Museum Drawing Club and issued the amazing Drawing Bliss Kit with instructions. The kit has very liberating instructions and many tools to help the speed and neatness of the drawing. As he had done many times before, he tested and refined it on himself and the homeless as employment and therapy.


In 2000-1, in Oklahoma he employed the disadvantaged in the construction of non- commercial handmade art books, book end papers and medicine man shakers.


Sky had witnessed many of his large paintings from 1978 on being sold and traded in the secondary market for over $100,000.00.


In 1995, E.T. Albaugh, President of the National Institute of Appraisers wrote: "We are very familiar with the works of Sky Jones. Over the years we have appraised thousands of his works for insurance, exchange and donation purposes, No N.I.A Certified Appraisal has ever been overturned or rejected by an insurance carrier or the I.R.S." "The Sky Jones pieces have ranged in size from 16" x 20" to 51" x 75" with values varying from $20,000.00 to $250,000.00. Pieces that are 20"x 30" have varied from $40,000.00 to $50,000.00."


In 2007, unfinished and unsigned paintings that had been reported stolen, in Utah in 1995 and California in 2001, had been discovered in Texas with forged signatures on them. It was the work of two different forgers operating independently.


As protection from endless thefts, in 1997 he had ceased signing important pieces until they had been paid for.

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